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Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal

Body hair is a matter of personal choice

For many people, body hair is far more than just a
cosmetic problem. In many cases, unwanted facial
hair or a hairy back are sources of embarrassment.
However, conventional methods of hair removal such
as plucking, electrolysis or waxing are painful and
time intensive. Shaving stresses the skin, leaves
stubble and must be repeated constantly. Waxing
can cause ingrown hairs and electrolysis may take
years to clear only a small area. An effective and
relatively painless alternative is laser treatment.

The answer to annoying hair

Laser energy tackles the root of the hair problem.
Our lasers are specialized to provide efficient and
gentle epilation. They treat larger skin areas such as
back, shoulders or legs, but can selectively remove
hairs from the face, the underarms or the bikini
area. Laser application damages the root of a hair
with no adverse effects to the surrounding tissue
and retards hair regrowth with minimal discomfort.

Beautiful skin – quickly and gently

Laser epilation is applied to cleansed, shaved
skin. Before and after the treatment the skin is
cooled which makes the application almost
painless. Only a slight pinching sensation indicates
that the hair follicle was successfully destroyed.
Treatment time can take anywhere from a few
seconds up to several minutes depending upon the
body area treated. For instance, treatment of a
4”x 4” area takes less than one minute.

Long lasting smooth skin

Hair growth takes place in cycles of growth and
resting phases. It is only during growth phases that
the light pulses of the laser can affect the root of
a hair. Therefore, several sessions are necessary to
reach all hair roots effectively. It has been clinically
proven that after laser treatment hairs do not regrow
at all or become thinner and less dense.

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